Who we are

CCPM has more than ten years of experience in research and consulting. We have worked for private companies, non-governmental organizations, international cooperation agencies, international financial organizations, and governmental institutions. We have formed teams of professionals with a strategic vision and a forward-looking approach to provide solutions tailored to the social context in which public and private projects and investments are developed.

At CCPM, we believe that the integration of social and cultural factors in the management of the organization reduces uncertainty and increases efficiency, in addition to generating value for the institution, as well as for society.

Our experience

We are a consulting firm specializing in social and cultural management issues with a presence in Latin America, which develops long-term relationships with its customers to obtain social benefits through effective and collaborative processes. 

We have experience in risk and impact assessment, social management systems, training, change management, social investment, land access, and resettlement. We work in complex environments identifying the challenges to be managed and working together with our customers in identifying practical solutions that meet their needs.



Innovate in the social management of companies and governments, taking into account the particular challenges of each place and social context.


CCPM's team of professionals will accompany companies and institutions to implement successful social management and relationship strategies. To this end, it will promote the strengthening of its customers’ internal strategy, achieving the development of the country, the surrounding communities and the company.


Innovation, collaboration, quality, and passion. CCPM wants to make a difference by offering services tailored to the needs of its customers that boost their collaboration with them, offered by a team that is committed and passionate about providing solutions with shared value.
Ours partners

Collaboration and joint work with our partners and/or allies is a vital and essential element for the success of our national and international efforts.