Our approach

In a complex scenario of economic and social challenges, we believe that the efficiency, competitiveness, and sustainability of an investment project will depend on the ability to conceive the management of social issues not as a requirement, but as a fundamental axis of the business strategy.

We have significant experience of permanent and specialized work in the management of sociocultural issues related to industrial activities in Peru and other Latin American countries. We have not only worked there as advisors or consultants, we have also formed and led teams as implementers and managers of social issues within projects and companies.

We have a comprehensive understanding of the social issues that emerge throughout the different stages of a project’s life, and can adapt this expertise to the particular case of each individual business.

Integrated management of social affairs

We work hand in hand with our customers, delivering solutions with a comprehensive approach that responds to their needs.


To all areas of the company, so that each one understands its role and assumes its responsibility in the sociocultural management of the project.

Effective and efficient

Appropriate solutions for the development of the project, promoting internal training and result evaluation.


Solutions aligned with the project’s priorities, considering the different stages of operation and the project’s sustainability.