Social Investment

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Concerted Development Plan (CDP)

Location: Ancash - Peru
Deposit: Copper
Stage: Operation/Expansion

The company needs to manage social investment expectations in a province that plays a key role in the transport and exit of ore concentrates. The province has no share in the distribution of mining royalties and the company lacks a social fund. Efforts are being made to generate sustainable consensus for the regulation of public and private investments in the territory. The local government has no adequate management instruments to prioritize these investments.

  • Facilitate a participatory process to update the CDP, ensuring a broad consensus
  • Involve key stakeholders: raising awareness, informing, consulting and validating
  • Identify investment priorities and opportunities for public-private partnerships
  • Updated CDP with a widespread agreement among the population
  • Definition of strategic axes for public and private investment based on results in the context of mining
  • Sustainable agreement among stakeholders for the management of the CDP
  • Promotion of an institutionalized CDP management system


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