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Evaluation ex landowners support program

Location: Cajamarca - Peru
Deposit: Copper
Stage: Construction

The company sought to adapt their assistance programs for ex landowners to IFC  standards after having bought land on the basis of individual negotiations. In a context  of conflict, the client faced challenges posed by incomplete baseline information, a  limited definition of impacts and compensation frameworks, as well as inconsistencies  in the implementation of its programs.

  • Mid-term evaluation of compliance with IFC standards.
  • Analysis of the organization, management and performance of the company and its operators.
  • Return on investment analysis.
  • Field verification with beneficiaries  International Peer Review.
  • Identification of opportunities for  improving organization, management and monitoring indicators.
  • Guidelines for redefining the strategy with ex landowners and any future land acquisitions.
  • Alignment and coordination of actors and areas involved.
  • Program reorganisation and change management guidelines.


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