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Human Rights impact assessment

Location: Amazonas - Peru
Deposit: Oil field
Stage: Exploration

A leading oil company sought to strengthen its Human Rights assessment capabilities. It decided to implement pilots in three projects worldwide. The customer needed to define a methodology with the assistance of expert consultants. It also set out to develop a risk matrix for Human Rights. The objective was to transfer these responsibilities internally and to its local consultants.

  • Analysis of secondary information at an international, national and local level
  • Drawing-up of a shortlist of Human Rights potentially impacted by the project
  • Construction of the Human Rights risk matrix 
  • Description of the methodology and its implementation process
  • Systematization of methodology to identify impacts on Human Rights 
  • Identification of specific diagnostic needs in Human Rights
  • Capacity strengthening of company staff and local consultants
  • Capacity building to apply corporate standards


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