Top Mining

Improvement of management processes

Location: Cajamarca - Peru
Deposit: Copper
Stage: Construction

The company was facing difficulties in aligning the activities of its EPCM and other contractors with its socio-environmental standards, putting its relationship and prevention processes at risk. The customer sought to implement liaison procedures with its contractors.  These procedures involved several areas of the company that were not aligned, generating therefore risks and impacts.

  • Diagnosis of procedures, areas and information flows
  • Identification of risks and control and coordination breaches in the CSR management system
  • Legal analysis and consistency in standards matrix
  • Participatory process for the review and fine tuning of existing procedures or the elaboration of new ones
  • Improved and validated procedures, aligned with the project’s social strategy
  • Unification of instruments and information flows
  • Participatory validation of the involved areas’ responsibilities
  • Proposal for the management of chang


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