Top Mining

Listening Study – A Study of Perceptions

Location: Cajamarca - Peru
Deposit: Copper
Stage: Construction

In a context of crisis and violent conflicts, the company sought to reconnect with the citizens of the urban area of Cajamarca. To achieve this, it needed to understand the relationship dynamics it had generated while in the area, as well as any possible existing social liabilities from the citizens’ perspective.

  • Mixed team CCPM (PE) CSRM (AU)
  • Interview with a panel of more than 60 stakeholders
  • Daily processing of information until a satisfactory saturation level is reached
  • Formulating key findings and guidelines for improvement
  • Transparent engagement process
  • Study released and made accessible through the company’s web site
  • Starting point of a process of reconnecting with citizens
  • Company’s reorganization and proposal for change – “Legitimacy Approach”


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